Kiran Glass

Kiran is our handler.

Driven by her own history of migration starting in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kiran understands the pressing need for thoughtful reinvention of narratives, especially surrounding the Global South. During her formative years growing up in the US, she has become fiercely invested in social justice causes, coming to understand the complexity and interconnectedness of national and global issues, including everything from migration to police reform. Over the last few years, Kiran has participated in movements to implement gun control and progressive climate policy, worked with the ACLU and voter registration campaigns, and gained research experience with projects in rural South Africa and closer to home. She looks to pursue political science and international relations when she attends UC Berkeley later this year.

As well as being our administrative whiz, Kiran brings us her experience in documentary filmmaking and multimedia messaging. At Frame45, she explores the ways in which visual storytelling allows us to bridge the gap between theory, policy, and action. She has come across this gap, time and again in her advocacy and campaigning work. With the freedom and flexibility provided by Frame45’s approach, Kiran puts her experience to work driving change that is just and sustainable.