Aditya Sarkar

Aditya is our polymath.

Not quite comfortable being pigeon-holed as a lawyer, policy 'wonk' or a researcher, Aditya's work and passion traverses disciplinary boundaries, embracing his multiple identities and skills. After ending up as a lawyer—in his own words—almost by accident, Aditya has worked for the Indian government, International Labour Organisation, and World Bank. Over the years, he has come to believe that the law is a limited tool for analysing social reality. Instead, he is interested in unpicking and disentangling the relationships between power, laws and norms, and what people actually do in everyday life. 

Aditya uses migration as a lens to analyse informality, labour, and urban development. With a focus on south-south and internal migration, he probes persistent misconceptions and prejudices that undermine research and policy at all levels. His passion is to democratise knowledge, to achieve practical change through democratic action, and move policy toward more just and inclusive outcomes.

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