Our Values

At Frame45 we put our values first.

They are informed by combined decades living and working with migrant communities, in informal settlements and refugee camps, on income inequality and food insecurity. Stated values such as these are only as good as the actions that back them up but by disclosing them, we hope holding us to account will be easier.

Our values remind us why we do what we do, for whom and for what purpose. So, here they are:

  • Empathy – Frame45 is committed to moving through the world with compassion. Therefore, by listening to and empathising with your concerns, we tailor our processes to your organisations’ needs.
  • Collaboration – We believe in solutions born of collaboration and coproduction. We’re not here to bulldoze your experience or expertise but only to add our own. Flourishing, we know, is mutual.
  • Diversity – Drawn from across multiple geographies, bringing varied experiences and perspectives, our team works with yours to find complex solutions for complex problems. 
  • Creativity – As our name and visual draws from the periscope, looking around corners and over obstacles, so our thinking takes place beyond the box. Frame45 centres creativity, moving away from orthodoxy and dogma.
  • Impact – Our goal is to generate measurable impact for you and the populations you care about. It is important to us that our three pillar process supports and creates ground-level action.
  • Sustainability – At Frame45, we believe that a ‘solution’ is no solution at all if it is not sustainable. Thus, we aim to promote approaches that are climate conscious and stand the test of time.
  • Transparency – Whenever possible we commit to disclosing where we work, how we work, what we work on and with whom. As we said, these values would mean nothing if there was no sure way to hold us to them, thus transparency is essential.