03 Storytelling

Storytelling to bring about change

Finally, we help you tell a story. We take everything we’ve learned, about the migrant mothers, local businesses, and smuggled families, and tell stories that humanise them, that find new audiences and bring about meaningful shifts in thinking and behaviour. Using transmedia storytelling and activism, we work with you to construct narratives that transcend a single medium or genre. 

We at Frame45 are firm believers in the mutuality of narrative nuance and clarity of purpose. Simplistic or reductive messaging is neither inherently accurate nor inherently effective. In fact, the pursuit of justice and liberation goes hand in hand with the nuanced depiction of migrants, refugees, and their host communities. Just as we must have both nuance and clarity, so we must tell stories reflecting the perspectives of both mobile and host communities. Storytelling allows us to enfold multitudes without compromising our message, our values, or our commitment to change. 

Introducing transmedia storytelling

Digital media, and social media in particular, have garnered a dubious reputation in recent years. It seems to many that they lend themselves to abuse, to stoking hate and hostility. We, however, see liberatory promise in new media, the potential for democratisation, participation, and levelling. With the whole gamut of transmedia storytelling techniques in hand, we co-create messaging that explains, enlightens, and motivates your audience—whoever they might be—for the greatest impact.

A fresh take on old problems

Like any resilient community, our solutions are made strong by empathy, co-creation, diversity, and creativity. This is what we offer: a fresh take on old problems, a view around the corner, a small shift in perspective that opens a world of possibilities.