01 Knowledge Production

Knowledge gathering

Our process begins with the co-production of knowledge, bringing our academic insights to bear on your decisions. Frame45 isn’t concerned with lofty goals and unattainable strategies designed by experts and abstracted from their context. Rather, we enrich your expertise on the problems faced by the community of concern with our knowledge and data on migration, urban environments, and governance in Africa and Asia. This not only anchors our approach in the everyday realities of the host and mobile communities we work with, but serves as a model of the collaborative methods we advocate. 

Centering interdisciplinarity

Using tried and true methods from a range of disciplines—politics, psychology, geography, sociology, anthropology, and urban planning—we plant our feet firmly in a given context, organisation, or city before beginning the process of reframing and rethinking solutions. The knowledge produced by such collaborative and inclusive methods is more likely to be itself inclusive, and the subsequent solutions robust and sustainable.