02 Organizational Ecosystems

Unpicking organisational ecosystems

Once equipped with an understanding of the problem and its context, we must familiarise ourselves with your organisational ecosystem. This includes the wider network of organisations, individuals, and infrastructures through which your work unfolds. 

Together, we identify the levers within this ecosystem which might help achieve the desired outcome. This means getting to grips with the particular power and incentive structures of your organisation. As well as mobilising new and effective forms of solidarity, and looking beyond obvious legal frameworks and rights regimes. 

Meeting the challenges of today

Organisational ecosystems are not what they once were. Recent technological developments have revolutionised how such ecosystems and the entities within them function. From the changing nature and degree of collaboration, to the greater reliance on informal or gig-economies, the labour landscape is shifting. With full awareness of this context, our team works to mobilise additional resource streams, strengthen your strategy, and increase your effectiveness. 

Building on what came to create what’s to come

Thus, building on the knowledge gained at the previous stage, we identify horizontal relationships and protections not reliant only on state structures. By fostering solidarity with host communities, drawing on the authority and expertise of local chiefs, employing social and neighbourhood networks, and more we can begin to envision, design, and prototype solutions.