Screenshot taken from Naomi Medegan entry in the Migrant Journeys webseries exploring the Lagos-Abidjan corridor. Specifically, women wearing bright textiles buying and selling goods on a bridge.

Migrant Journeys: Multiply Reframed

The landscape of migration and urban policy is overflowing with words, with clever neologisms and buzzy terminology meant to inspire donors to empty their pockets. Often this kind of rhetoric lacks heart. We’re always on the look out for ways to reframe the key issues, to put them on their head or change the perspective, such that we do not lose sight of where we came from or where we’re going.

In this sense, Migrant Journeys—a web-documentary full of charm and nuance, insight and realism—is perfectly refreshing.

Sepia-toned photograph of sheet music.

You Will Find Your People Here

A pianist, sociologist and composer reflect on women migrant’s journeys through words, music and performance.

We’re excited to present You Will Find Your People Here. A trans-disciplinary work transposing and transmuting migrant women’s words into music, performance and, perhaps, down the line, into change.

Issue 15 - Person sitting behing a microphone, they're out of frame but their hands are visible.

Podcasting and Stories from Katlehong Township

Using mini-audio documentaries and podcasts produced by residents in Katlehong township, this project sought to explore the precarity and resilience of Katlehong residents. The participants were instructed in the theory of storytelling and its practical applications through the production of mini-audio documentaries. This month, for Global Media and Information Literacy week, we’re exploring the research …

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Stickers on a powerbox. Some advertising for "safe" abortions, with an attached number.

Roe V Wade and its impact on reproductive health for migrants in South Africa

Roe v Wade and the Gag Rule Although the Biden administration ended the global Gag Rule—at least for the duration of his term—which prohibited any international organisation receiving US funding from promoting or being seen to promote abortion, the recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade has reverberations throughout Africa. Amongst other things, the …

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Arial image of yellow, white and off-white jerry cans being filled up.

Mobilising Resources for Refugees

With this, our twelfth bulletin, The Frame is almost a year old. To commemorate twelve issues, we’re sharing insights from one of the projects we’ve been working on. Specifically, our collaboration with The Cities Alliance’s Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), which includes Kakuma and Kalobeyei in Kenya; Gabiley and Borama in Somalia; Arua and Koboko …

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Tackling Human Rights Day

In this sense, the founding document (or as Entman might put it, the inaugural ‘communicating text’) of international human rights law (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UDHR) functions as a particularly potent form of framing, for it selects aspects of perceived reality, making them not just salient but symbolically central to the entire philosophical, …

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Photo take in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Aerial shot of people in a trailer being hauled by a tractor.

Social Justice and Intersectionality

by Caroline Wanjiku and Katja Holtz Insofar as United Nations Observances serve as springboards for awareness-raising actions, we would like to take this World Social Justice Day (20 February) to explore ways of reframing social justice in the migration space. Working with Crenshaw’s notion of intersectionality, we consider a holistic kind of justice. Examining the …

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Kids playing as seen through the gap in a light green fence.

10 Things to Look Out for in 2022

Happy new year and welcome back! We’d like to start the year looking forward to all the incredible offerings coming up in the migration and urbanisation space. From conferences to documentary films, books and articles, the discipline is growing in every direction and we’re here to be your guide. Sadly, we couldn’t possibly list all …

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