Why we do what we do

When the ‘communities of interest’ are our communities

We are migrants, we are urbanites, we are believers. We aim to support those, like us, committed to creating just, prosperous, and equitable communities for people wherever they are from or wherever they want to go. Our goal is to reframe discussions on mobility and cities, to rethink advocacy and governance strategies, and ultimately, to write the stories that drive progressive change.

Identifying the problem

At Frame45, we are unsatisfied with the stale dogma that holds the potential of communities both migrant and host, back. Counterintuitive though it may seem, the migrant experience is frequently stagnant, peculiarly hopeless, trapped in long periods of waiting. Knotted webs of red tape, poverty, and informality hold migrants still, wherever they find themselves. Much of the scholarship and advocacy intended to support them in pursuit of their dreams is similarly static. We set ourselves against this tendency toward stagnation.

Presenting our solution

Research and experience shows that mobility strengthens communities, economies, and lives. We will work with you to take a hold of this promise and bring it to fruition. If we avoid the inertia of policy makers and political leaders who refuse to serve or be seen serving refugees and migrants, avoid uncertainty, and weak or inconsistent messaging, we can build communities that nurture and deliver dreams. Communities that provide the fodder for human flourishing, that are resilient, inclusive, and just.