Our mission is to help organisations working in the global south to support urban migrants, refugees and host populations by creating safe, sustainable and successful communities in cities an towns.

Our Vision

We are a leading organisation working together with donors, non-profits and civil society organisations to design innovative approaches to strengthen their social impact and organisational effectiveness.

Why 45?

Simply, we’re inspired by the possibilities of the 45 degree angle.

Take, for instance, the periscope. Using two mirrors set at 45 degree angles, a periscope allows you to do the impossible, to see around corners and over obstacles. 

The way a periscope affords a change in perspective, we work to shift your point of view – seeing the world anew while standing in the same place. 

A 45 degree pivot is big enough to bring about a meaningful change in perspective, while being small enough to preserve what is good and useful about who and where we are. Change is often most fruitful and most sustainable when made in increments. 

This is what 45 means to us.

Small but profound shifts that build on the wisdom, experiences, and lessons of our past. 

We embody grounded transformation, anchored agility, steadiness and change.

Welcome to Frame45.

News from the Field